06 April, 2013

The Dream Hints At New Jay-Z Album

Lets go back to 2009 and best rapper alive in my opinion, Jay Z released 'The Blueprint 3'. Becoming the rappers 11th number one album in the US and breaking Elvis Presley's record and we have been waiting since, for his next solo album.
Well it looks like a new solo album for Jay-Z is coming soon. The video below shows The Dream's interview for Hot97's The Angie Martinez Show. If you watch the video you will hear The Dream discuss not only his upcoming album 'IV Play' due in May 28 on Def Jam/Radio Killa Records. He also discusses working with Beyoncé on her forthcoming fifth studio album. And also discusses working with Hova on a new Jay-Z solo album. When asked by Angie, "Jay's making an album?" The Dream responds, "Yeah, I think everybody knows it.". This is good news for all the Jay-Z fans like myself and can't wait to start hearing new music from the best rapper alive.

The Angie Martinez Show - Interview with The Dream

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