20 March, 2013

Video: Timeflies - Skyfall & Stay

So back again from the long time away from the blog, I had to return some day and that's today.

So first things first after hearing a unique take on Adele's Skyfall by Timeflies this video had to be posted.

Every time I hear a Timeflies song I am always left impressed, so much so I actually look forward till the next one.
Bringing the likes of dance, hip hop and the electro genres together Rob (The Producer) and Cal (The Vocalist) work so well together. Creating a rare and unique style to their music. I have always found Timeflies great to listen to and this is going back a few years. Ever since I heard their first album The Scotch Tape and heard their song 'Fade' I had it on repeat for a months, which most of my friends would tell you if they ever came in my car. I have been a fan.

This group never disappoint and thanks to Timeflies Tuesdays they have managed to keep their growing fan base happy with the release of NEW GOOD MUSIC regularly.
All I can say is that if you like good music and can appreciate a new take on combining genres like hip hop, dance, electro and dubstep then it's time to start listening to something new and Timeflies fall into all these categories.

And if you need more convincing I have added the newest Timeflies Tuesday release below. Their own spin on Rihanna's Stay which is again excellent.

So start listening and enjoying!


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