05 June, 2012

Podcast: A Chat With Benn & Nana - On The Spot With Nana (Top 5 Celebrity Friends)

So I have been telling people to stay tuned for the podcasts as they were coming soon. And here you go the first of many podcasts.
So first a little explanation, basically we have done a few podcasts that I will post soon as well. These podcasts that I have selected below are part of a little segment that I like to call 'Your On The Spot With Nana Amoah'. What I have been doing basically is speaking to my friends, interviewing them and trying to find out who there Top 5 Celebrity friends would be. Giving them little thinking time and really putting them on the spot! To find out who comes to their mind first and why they choose that particular celebrity.

So these are just the first ones that I have done and soon you will be able to hear all those involved and tell me what you think and even try and get involved as well. I want to know who really is the most popular celebrity and who the most people would want to friend...??

So first was Benn, below you can listen to who was his Top 5 followed by Navid's Milaad's and Arshan's choices, lets see what you think!
Benn's Top 5

Navid's Top 5

Milaad's Top 5

Arshan's Top 5

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