20 May, 2012

Super Mario Balotelli - Is This How You Should Behave If Your Rich?

Balotelli Manchester City striker seems to live his life to fullest. Below is just some examples of how he likes to spend his money.
Now for those that have seen him play know how talented he is and some may argue that he and a lot of football players don't deserve the amount of money they get. But after looking at this picture I can not complain about the lifestyle he lives or what he spends his money on because if I was making that kind of money there is probably no doubt that I would be spending my money just like him.
But is this how you should behave if you had money? I would say yes because all it seems like is he is spending his money on just having fun, he's young and just living life to the full so why not. But I know a lot will not agree but when you think about others that are rich and what they spend their money on most of you would be doing some of the things
mentioned in the picture below. So let's be real do you think this is how the rich should behave?
But be honest with yourself...

- Post by Nana KP

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